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Los Angeles, California, USA, 2019 Winter Break Trip

During the winter break between Dec. 2018 and Jan. 2019, my friend and I took a detour during our trip back home to China: we spent three days in Los Angelous, CA. It is a beautiful city with wonderful weather.

Los Angeles

Los Angelous is the second largest city in the US. While we did not particularly enjoyed the downtown experience, there are a lot of other wonderful spots around the city to visit. This photo is taken at the Griffith Observatory, a magical place for night view of the city. It was foggy when we visited the observatory, thus the skyscrapers were not clearly visible from the spot. However, the mist combined with the city in another beautiful way.

View from the Griffith ObservatoryView from the Griffith Observatory

The Santa Monica Beach was my another favourate place in Los Angeles. The dreamy color at the dusk, the fluctuating sea water, and the warm breeze from the Pacific Ocean were so harmonious with each other.

The Santa Monica BeachThe Santa Monica Beach

Wandering around the beach, I also took a photo of the road and busy traffic in the evening.

A road with busy traffic around the Santa Monica BeachA road with busy traffic around the Santa Monica Beach